Why Waste Another Frustrating Year With the Same Old “Me Too” MLM Business?

What are your best chances of making money with MLM? Are you involved in a network marketing business opportunity? I know you can’t afford to waste yet another year and not succeed in network marketing opportunities. If you’re new to the business and wondering: What is MLM or what is Network Marketing you’re in luck because I am going to save you some pain, frustration and suffering.I know you may have heard the old saying; “The definition of insanity is doing same things over and over again and expecting different results.” Why do network marketing companies insist on doing things the same old way?Are You Eating Your Seeds or Sowing Them?When you join an MLM company you select a business start-up pack. After all, you need product inventory, right? You have three options once you receive your inventory:
Sell it
Give it
Eat it
Now that you’re garage qualified. Here’s your three options explained:1. If you decide to sell it retail you will always encounter the objection: “It’s too expensive.” Would you pay 20 to 30% more for a product that’s already too expensive even at so called wholesale?2. Giving is a wonderful gesture and we should give but this is not a good long term business strategy. The customer or prospect has no vested interest in the transaction. You as a marketer have to create value for your product and a back end re-order expectation.3. Most people just eat their products. Yes you can receive the health benefits and perhaps the healthiest six months of your life but eating your seed is not a wise business strategy either.The farming analogy: Seed is for sowing with the purpose of reaping the rewards of the harvest. Isn’t that how network marketing is supposed to work?
If you have a garage full of products, what are you supposed to do with them? I can’t answer that question but can provide a solution to this problem. Please read on.
Will People Purchase Your Products Without Being Offered a Profit Incentive?You may have noticed that event best MLM companies insist on focusing on the opportunity rather than finding customers for their products. Why is this?Although rarely enforced, most direct sales and MLM companies because of FTC regulations write in their policies and procedures that distributors are required to maintain at least ten customers that are not involved in the business.Here’s a couple of questions: If you’re already involved in network marketing and your business opportunity ceased, would your distributors still buy the products without a profit incentive? Isn’t consistent sales volume what makes business successful?Why do most MLM distributors focus on selling business/product packs rather than finding and maintaining customers?1. MLM products are either too expensive or perceived to be too expensive by consumers buying a business start-up pack is usually a better value.2. Recruiters make more money. There are generous upfront commissions when you sell a business start-up pack that contains a lot of products.3. MLM distributors sell a business opportunity in order to help the new person justify the cost of the products. Eventually your personal products will be paid for as your business grows.
For your information, in the MLM industry it’s against the rules to be paid to recruit, so business start-up kits always contain a lot of wholesale product value.
Quite frankly, the dream of financial freedom may take years to come to fruition and may not even come to pass without consistent group volume and more important, loyal customers and consistent sales volume.Adding Customers Creates Exponential Multiplying Growth – Do the Math on This Business StrategyHere’s a business strategy that’s incredibly, irresistibly easy for your new sales-fearing distributors to find at least 10 personal customers.You know as well as I do, people do not enjoy the process of selling or talking people into trying an already overpriced product.Most MLM programs derive volume mainly from a distributor’s personal consumption. A 2×2 Binary program looks like this:
You become a distributor and order your $100 of products.
You sponsor two who order their $100 of products and they sponsor two who order their $100 of products.
In this scenario, you have generated $600 of Group Volume and are paid based on a BV factor* of that volume.
Now check this out. What if it was EASY for you and your team to attract and maintain at least 10 customers that purchase $60 of product per month? Multiplication is cool: You plus 2x2x2 = 14. Let’s do the math:
You become a distributor, order $100 of products per month and find ten personal customers who order $60
You find two distributors who order $100 per month and find ten personal customers who order at least $60
You teach your two distributor who order $100 per month to find tean personal customers that order at least $60.
In this scenario, rather than just $1400 of volume based on personal use, you and your team create $10,000 of Wholesale Group Volume! Would you rather have $1400 or $10,000?You might be thinking to yourself, “that sounds great but it’s not easy to get customers.” Yes it is! As long as you have an irresistible offer for a first time purchase of your products. Few companies can make this offer unless they’re the manufacturer. Guess what? You can be the manufacturers representative and cut out the middleman!Attracting and Maintaining Customers will Attract Business Builders and create long-term explosive growth.